About Me:

My name is Kerry Thorbourne , I was born and raised in Liverpool Nova Scotia. I come from a very artistic & musical family and started drawing and playing musical instruments at a very young age. Some of my mediums I have worked with through the years were, charcoal, water colours, pencil, ceramics, clays, Video, 35 mm, 4x5 and medium format cameras. Some of the musical instruments I have played over the years were Saxaphone, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele , piano , recorder and trumpet. I worked for a couple of years for CPI, and PCA photo Studios and then in 1990 went back to Collage and graduated from Holland Collage Photography in 1992. I worked as a news Photographer for the  Provincial News Paper The Guardian and the City Paper The Patriot back in 1992-1994.

In 1996/97 my dream came true and I bought my first Dane Nakita. In 1998 my foundation bitch to my Kennel was born and I began dedicating my life to showing & breeding blue & black Great Danes. My love for my dogs has carried over into my Photography and I spend many hours photographing them. I then started photographing dogs for other breeders